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                                   Music that’s just what you need when you need it!

Royalty free music is the perfect solution for time and budget sensitive commercial and non-commercial productions. Whether it’s background music to an important presentation, the introduction to your podcast, the trailer to your film, or the soundtrack to a YouTube video, professionally produced royalty free music can add a vital element to your production without licensing hassles. My always growing collection of royalty free music is licensed exclusively through AudioJungle and RevoStock, and can also be found in my portfolio. Of course, all pieces can be revised and edited to your tastes by contacting me

                     Don’t adapt to music. Have original music tailored to your production.

Licensing music from recording artists can add credibility, but their songs were not written with your film, product, or service in mind. From modern electronic soundscapes to orchestral fanfares, let me craft to the exact specifications of your production. I will work with your creative vision, and help you realize exactly what original music can bring to your undertaking, be it a score for feature film or intro music for a podcast. Please consult my portfolio for examples of my original compositions, many of which are available royalty free, and contact me to discuss exactly what I can do for you!

                              Professional audio production makes for stand-out media.

Today, it is more important than ever before to refine every detail of your production so that it gets the recognition it deserves. Professional audio production is a crucial element in reinforcing your content, and broadcast quality voice overs, commercials, intros, outros, and drops are sure to take your production to the next level . Click below for some examples of what I have done, and contact me with your ideas of how I can add to your production.


                                Add atmosphere and authenticity with sound design.

Quality professional sound design, combined with a great score, makes the foundation of a remarkable production. It’s all about the sonic details that put your audience exactly where you want them to be,. From footsteps in an alley, to the sounds of a city at night, to a rhythmic, low drone of a synthesizer, professional sound design can put the finishing touches on the excellent visual elements of your film, video, television commercial, or game. Watch the video below for an example of what I’ve done, and contact me with the details of your production!


My rates are on a per project basis, and are dependent on your budget, as well as my time and resources. Please be specific as possible regarding all details, including desired turnaround time, when contacting me. Thank You!