I’m Still Alive. I Swear.

Sorry for the lack of updates to this blog, but I’m still here, and composing and producing more than ever. Most of my current work can be heard at the GraphicAudio page, which features new compositions, and sound design clips. There are quite a few examples of what’s been keeping me busy! Check ‘em out!

Of course, I’m still available to work on your project, so don’t hesitate to contact me! In the meantime, stay safe!

– t

Where’s Your Music?

I’ve taken my music down from AudioJungle so it can be purchased elsewhere. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!
– t

Welcome to the New Website!

Hello everyone! At long last, the new website is live and ready for you to enjoy. The improvements over my old website are too numerous to mention, although I am sad to see her go. She was a project of mine, after all, and served me well for, frankly, too long. The site you are looking at right now features (or soon will) everything about me, including my portfolio and services offered. As you will see, there are some minor changes that will be continually taking place. There are quite a few place-holding photos, the wording of things will change, my old blogs are not here, and not all my work is yet featured. However, there is more than enough here to get you started.

At this point, I’d like to point out that this website was made possible by Filip Jaszczuk over at ThemeForest. He did a great job, and provides excellent customer service. Additionally, many of the photos you see on this site were purchased from fellow Envato content authors, as well.

So, now that you’ve had a chance to look around, what do you think? Please leave a comment with any feedback. It would be much appreciated, and thanks for spending some time at ProgressNotes!

– t


Marketing is still something I view as a “necessary evil” to be a successful (ie self-employed) audio producer. I’m slowly learning that self-promotion is not just necessary, it’s imperative, and it certainly doesn’t have to be evil. Heather Fenoughty via the good folks at SCORECast Online recently published a handy list of promotional endeavors for film music composers, although these suggestions would work for any small business looking for marketing avenues.

Stuff on the list I’m especially interested in trying:
- hitting up local production companies
- collaborating with other artists (particularly those with visual media) for dual promotion
- “content marketing” ie writing in this here blog more often
- optimizing my site for search engines….this was something I kind of glossed over in web design class…
- Twitter! I think I’m the only person on the planet who isn’t fluent with this method of communication yet

Anyway, the article is great, and I implore you all to give it a look, and definitely check out SCORECast, too. I love their podcasts even though they are more infrequent than I’d like…

Times are a Changin’

As the most observant of you might have been able to tell, I’ve been concentrating on royalty free/stock audio of various types for the last couple of months. I’m still in the learning stages, for sure, but it has been a lot of fun and fulfilling as a producer/composer. I’ve been able to expand my portfolio to 22 pieces, as of today, and my goal is to keep the number growing by the week. Unfortunately, it’s the end of summer, so along with breaking out the jeans (finally) comes an increasingly busy work schedule with the “day job”. I’m hoping I can fight the good fight with the same reckless abandon I’ve been approaching this with since mid-July. It is something I’m interested in seeing how I handle.

April Untitled

Hello, everyone! I’m still here, and still composing and producing in spite of outside circumstances.

Please enjoy my latest little project.

The music was arranged and produced on Ableton Live, and contains a number of VSTs including Native Instruments’ “Pro-53″ and “Battery”, as well as “mini-drumZ” by DSK to name a few. Like most of my compositions, it all started on the electric piano. The video was found in the Prelinger Archives, which contains a wealth of public domain footage, and then edited down and rearranged after the song was basically complete.

I very much enjoyed doing this, and it is my goal to do more of these in a similar fashion, but not necessarily with similar music. I would love to collaborate with any animators/illustrators/visual artists who would like to make or already have content in need of a soundtrack. Feel free to contact me. In the meantime, enjoy and share. Until next time….

- t