Marketing is still something I view as a “necessary evil” to be a successful (ie self-employed) audio producer. I’m slowly learning that self-promotion is not just necessary, it’s imperative, and it certainly doesn’t have to be evil. Heather Fenoughty via the good folks at SCORECast Online recently published a handy list of promotional endeavors for film music composers, although these suggestions would work for any small business looking for marketing avenues.

Stuff on the list I’m especially interested in trying:
- hitting up local production companies
- collaborating with other artists (particularly those with visual media) for dual promotion
- “content marketing” ie writing in this here blog more often
- optimizing my site for search engines….this was something I kind of glossed over in web design class…
- Twitter! I think I’m the only person on the planet who isn’t fluent with this method of communication yet

Anyway, the article is great, and I implore you all to give it a look, and definitely check out SCORECast, too. I love their podcasts even though they are more infrequent than I’d like…

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